Everything About Her (2016)

"Everything About Her" follows the story of a successful businesswoman named Vivian (Vilma Santos), who learned that she is suffering from stage 3 cancer. She then hires a private nurse, Jaica (Angel Locsin), to take care of her. But she's bound to play a bigger role in Vivian's life as she becomes the bridge between the mother and her son Albert (Xian Lim), who have felt neglected all his life. How will the three change and be changed by their circumstances?

Angel Locsin
Vilma Santos
Xian Lim
Michael De Mesa
Nonie Buencamino
Khalil Ramos
Devon Seron
Alexa Ilacad
Jana Agoncillo
Vangie Labalan
Buboy Villar
NiƱa Dolino
Dante Ponce
Bart Guingona

Bb. Joyce Bernal

Drama, Comedy

Star Cinema

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.