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Must Date the Playboy - Episode 1 (2015)

Kim Chiu and Jessy Mendiola are best friends here, but that friendship will be tested as Jessy will ask of Kim to date his playboy ex-boyfriend.

Now contrary to what people believe based on the trailer, this is not about taking revenge against Xian Lim, who, by the way, is doing a fabulous job being a playboy.

So why must Kim Chiu date the playboy?

The episode 1 opens with the introduction of Kim’s character, a goal oriented woman who keeps a checklist and stringently follows it.

As a teen, Kim, Jessy and Matt Evans are already best of friends. But Kim was always teased for relying on a chat site called Anonyhearts for a relationship.

One day her chat mate invited Kim to a date, but just when she was about to reply, her laptop shut down, losing contact of her anonymous chat mate whom she only remember using ASL.

Something her best friends used to name the guy as EMPOY or Eighteen Male Philippines Obsession Yan and Eighteen Male Philippines Once Yours.

Fast forward to present, the three now work together. But Kim still has not moved on from Empoy as she believes one day they will meet in person.

Xian Lim, a model now happens to be the boyfriend of Jessy. Matt believes Xian is Empoy Kim has been longing for based on the sketch he drew.

Jessy later on found out that Xian was cheating on her and broke up.

6 months later, Jessy now has a new boyfriend. In a bar, Xian approached the two but Jessy pushed him away, with her being defended by her new boyfriend.

Xian now vows to get Jessy back in front of the people in the bar.

Jessy believes Xian meant what he said. Feeling paranoid that his playboy ex will ruin her new relationship, she asks Kim to date the playboy to spy on his activities.

What will happen next episode? Will Kim succeed in winning Xian’s heart.

Kim Chiu
Xian Lim
Jessie Mendiola
Matt Evans

Mae Cruz-Alviar

Romance, Comedy

StarFlix, ABS-CBN Mobile

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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