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Tragic Theater: The Exorcism of the Film Center (2015)

In February 1999, a group of spirit communicators attempted to exorcise the then-abandoned Manila Film Center of ghosts. These supernatural beings were believed to be those of the victims from a fatal accident during its hasty construction. Unknown to them, something had long ago taken sanctuary inside the building feeding on the anger and misery of the victims' souls. They learned this secret too late and walked into a horrifying encounter.

Christopher de Leon
John Estrada
Andi Eigenmann
Lander Vera Perez
Janna Victoria
Gabe Mercado
Roxanne Barcelo
Josh Padilla
Chloe Dauden
Jovic Monsod
Sara Polverini
Jourdaine Castillo
Sheng Belmonte
Carissa Quintas
Janna Roque
Arvic Rivero
Pio Balbuena
Clint Bondad
Orlando Sol
Gab de Leon

Tikoy Aguiluz


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