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#Y (2014)

Miles is a junior in college, living a seemingly normal life. But on the eve of his attempted suicide, a call from his best friend, to tell him about her latest escapade, eventually renders the attempt useless. As he goes through the musings of getting his life back together, we delve deep into his mind and of his friends. Through Miles, we find that being happy and having no right to be unhappy, are two completely different things.

“#Y” (“Hashtag Y”) chronicles the adventures of the members of a generation made universal by the realms of social media, the internet, sex, drugs and alcohol.

Elmo Magalona
Coleen Garcia
Sophie Albert
Kit Thompson
Slater Young
Chynna Ortaleza
Julz Savard
Apollo Abraham
Joyce Titular
Paco Evangelista

Gino M. Santos


Stained Glass Productions, Timeframe Media Production

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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