#Y (2014)

Miles is a junior in college, living a seemingly normal life. But on the eve of his attempted suicide, a call from his best friend, to tell him about her latest escapade, eventually renders the attempt useless. As he goes through the musings of getting his life back together, we delve deep into his mind and of his friends. Through Miles, we find that being happy and having no right to be unhappy, are two completely different things.

“#Y” (“Hashtag Y”) chronicles the adventures of the members of a generation made universal by the realms of social media, the internet, sex, drugs and alcohol.

Elmo Magalona
Coleen Garcia
Sophie Albert
Kit Thompson
Slater Young
Chynna Ortaleza
Julz Savard
Apollo Abraham
Joyce Titular
Paco Evangelista

Gino M. Santos


Stained Glass Productions, Timeframe Media Production

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

You're Still The One (2015)

Ellise (Maja Salvador), a tough-spirited college student, finds herself in the company of Jojo (Dennis Trillo) after settling their issues involving her grades. Jojo tries to woo Ellise, but she makes it clear to him that she is not looking for a boyfriend. Years later, Ellise learns something about Jojo and gets in touch with him. They meet and the spark between them ignites once more, but Ellise gets her heart broken when Jojo confesses to her that he’s already getting married to Racquel (Ellen Adarna). Jojo and Ellise decide to stay as friends, but deep inside they continue to build their feelings for each other. Ellise then becomes a lawyer and meets Vincent (Richard Yap), who eventually falls in love with her. In the end, Ellise must choose between the right love that came in the wrong time and the wrong love that came in the right time.

Dennis Trillo
Richard Yap
Maja Salvador
Ellen Adarna
Melai Cantiveros
Jason Francisco
Joshua Garcia
Snooky Serna
Lito Pimentel
Zsa Zsa Padilla
Joy Viado
Manuel Chua
Nicco Manalo
Frances Makil

Chris Martinez

Romance, Drama

Regal Films, Star Cinema

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Binhi (2015)

Daniel and Cynthia, a young couple with a child on the way, experience some hard times in Manila. They head back to Baguio, where Daniel is originally from, to start over again. Through the kindness of Alex, Daniel’s well-to-do childhood friend, they get to stay in a large house, rent-free; and he gets a job offer as well.

Everything seems to be falling into place for them – or so they think – until strange things start to happen in their house.

Mercedes Cabral - Cynthia
Joem Bascon - Daniel
Kariz Espinosa - Ghost
Roxanne Barcelo - Gel
Cholo Barretto - Alex
Jef Gaitan - Mommy
Akihiro Blanco - Jessie

Pedring Lopez

Horror, Suspense

Haunted Tower Pictures, Viva Films, MFT Group, WELOVEPOST, BlackOps

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Para Sa Hopeless Romantic (2015)

Can we really write our own happy ending? Such is the journey of Becca (Nadine Lustre) in "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic." A student writer who believes in fairy tales, hers goes wrong when her Prince Charming, the athletic Nikko, (James Reid) breaks up with her with no reasonable explanation. The heartache translates even to the love story she struggles to finish for the school publication. But just like in her real life, she couldn't give her characters – Maria (Julia Barretto) and Ryan (Iñigo Pascual) – a happy ending either. Will Becca have a change of heart when Nikko returns and asks her for a second chance? How will Becca end her love story? "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" is an adaptation of Marcelo Santos III’s bestselling book of the same title.

James Reid as Nikko John Borja
Nadine Lustre as Rebecca "Becca" Del Mundo
Julia Barretto as Maria
Iñigo Pascual as Ryan
Aj Muhlach as RJ
Shy Carlos as Jackie Reyes
Jackie Lou Blanco as Nikko's mom
Teresa Loyzaga as Becca's Mom
Lander Vera Perez as Becca's Dad
Cherie Gil
Paul Jake Castillo as Manager
Donnalyn Bartolome
Issa Pressman as former classmate of becca
Arvic Rivero
Jourdaine Castillo as Faye (nikko's gf/rebound)

Andoy L. Ranay

Romance, Comedy

Viva Films, Star Cinema

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.