You’re My Boss (2015)

“You’re My Boss” centers on a smart and bossy airline company executive named Georgina (Toni Gonzaga) who will do everything to close an important deal with foreign investors. They, however, wouldn’t negotiate with anyone in their company save for their big boss, who’s on leave. In a desperate attempt to win them over, she introduces her assistant Pong (Coco Martin) as the president, and thus begins the pretense that will lead them to discover what’s real and lovable about each other.

Toni Gonzaga
Coco Martin
Gloria Sevilla
Noel Trinidad
Freddie Webb
Pepe Herrera
Deniese Aguilar
Via Antonio

Antoinette Jadaone

Romance, Comedy

Star Cinema

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Kid Kulafu (2015)

Emmanuel lives a hand-to-mouth existence, surviving from one day and one meal to the next – in their mountain home in Mindanao where his family gets caught in the crossfire between rebels and paramilitary troops, then down to the provincial city where his mother works in a factory and his father later abandons them. But one day, he discovers the one thing he can own, his one true talent, and his family's way out of poverty - boxing. So he goes on the long hard journey of fighting from town to town, then leaving home to battle it out in Manila. As a teenage boxer, he must endure all the hunger, the bruises and the heartaches. He must risk everything, even his own life, to become a champion – for himself, his family and his country. This is the real story of a boy named Emmanuel, who has risen as one of the world's greatest boxers -- Manny Pacquiao.

Buboy Villar
Alessandra De Rossi
Cesar Montano
Alex Medina
Jake Macapagal
Jomari Angeles
Khalil Ramos
Kokoy DeSantos

Paul Soriano

Biopic, Sports, Drama

Ten17 Productions, Star Cinema

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