Moron 5.2 The Transformation (2014)

Set at least five years after the events from the first movie where Becky sends the Moron 5 to jail for allegedly killing her father, Moron 5.2 The Transformation follows the lives of the five half-witted long-time friends now family men and whose talented and intelligent children are not exactly proud of them.

Together on a lonely night, the five moron-friends get unexpectedly struck by lightning.

This leads them to think that they have gained extraordinary superpowers. With this in mind, Albert, Isaac, Aris, Mo and Mike set off to prove their worth to their children unaware that old-time enemy Becky has escaped from the mental asylum and is mapping out revenge on them.

Luis Manzano
Billy Crawford
Marvin Agustin
DJ Durano
Matteo Guidicelli
John "Sweet" Lapus
Joy Viado
Boom Labrusca
Nikki Valdez
Mylene Dizon
Danita Paner
Yam Concepcion

Wenn V. Deramas


Viva Films

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Beauty In A Bottle (2014)

Three women struggle with their insecurities about how they look as they get caught up in the building craze for a new beauty product.

Angeline Quinto
Assunta De Rossi
Angelica Panganiban
Empress Schuck
Ellen Adarna
Cai Cortez
Carmi Martin
Nanette Inventor
Miko Raval
Tom Rodriguez
Nico Antonio
Buboy Garovillo
Dimples Romana
Bianca Manalo
Anna Luna
Vicki Belo
Cristalle Henares
Ricci Chan
Manny Paksiw

Antoinette Jadaone


Skylight Films, Quantum Films

Distributed by: Star Cinema

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T'yanak (2014)

Savage murders terrify the once-quiet town of Puting Bato, and the chief suspect is the foundling baby who has won the heart of Julie (Judy Ann Santos). Her brother Mark (Tom Rodriguez) and his fiancee Madie (Solenn Heussaff) become the target of the T’yanak. A widower who lost his wife in a vicious T’yanak attack (Sid Lucero) adds a brutal layer of terror in a town already petrified by fear.

Judy Ann Santos
Tom Rodriguez
Solenn Heussaff
Sid Lucero
Lui Ma­nansala

Peque Gallaga
Lore Reyes

Horror, Thriller

Film Development Council of the Philippines, Central Digital Lab, Inc., Wildsound, Ruby's Arms

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Dilim (2014)

A nursing student encounters strange occurrences around the dorm where she's staying. She enlists of another student to unravel the mystery of the dormitory.

Nathalie Hart
Ella Cruz
Joross Gamboa
Rafael Rosell
Rayver Cruz
Kylie Padilla
Lui Manansala
Manny Castañeda
Alora Sasam
Ruby Ruiz
Dianne Medina
Kevin Santos
Rita De Guzman
Ynna Asistio
Kiko Estrada

Jose Javier Reyes

Suspense, Horror

Regal Entertainment, Inc.

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The Janitor (2014)

Crisanto Espina, a cop on suspension and under investigation, is tasked to eliminate the suspects involved in a bank robbery/massacre that shocked the whole nation.

Dennis Trillo
Richard Gomez
Derek Ramsay
Ricky Davao
Dante Rivero
Irma Adlawan
LJ Reyes
Raymond Bagatsing
Alex medina
Jerald Napoles
Nicco Manalo
Sunshine Garcia

Michael Tuviera


APT Entertainment and Cinemalaya

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The Trial (2014)

The marriage of lawyer JULIAN (Richard Gomez) and developmental psychologist AMANDA (Gretchen Barretto) is already crumbling. Aggravated by the tragic death of their only son (Enrique Gil), their relationship now is beyond any chance of mending. That chance came when one day Julian and Amanda encounter a curious case. RONALD (John Lloyd Cruz), a person with intellectual disability (mild mental retardation), is accused of raping the niece of a renowned university head, BESSY (Jessy Mendiola). The already curious case becomes more intriguing when they learn that Ronald was their son’s best buddy. Through Ronald, Julian and Amanda will realize that the best way out in this intriguing case is for them to confront the painful truth about the real crime that has been affecting their lives.

John Lloyd Cruz
Richard Gomez
Gretchen Barretto
Jessy Mendiola
Enrique Gil
Sylvia Sanchez
Vincent De Jesus
Vivian Velez
Benjamin Alves
Isay Alvarez
Joy Viado
Mon Confiado
Nico Antonio
Gee Canlas
Luis Manansala

Chito S. Roño

Suspense, Drama

Star Cinema

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.