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Maria, Leonora, Teresa (2014)

After a tragic incident during their field trip, three parents Faith (Calzado), Julio (Marudo), and Stella (Sta. Maria) mourned the deaths of their respective daughters: Maria, Leonora, and Teresa. To help cope with their loss, a psychiatrist named Manolo (Villanueva) offers them life-sized dolls to look after. But the situation only worsens when the toys appear to be brought to life by a sinister force.

Iza Calzado as Faith Pardo
Zanjoe Marudo as Julio Sacdalan
Jodi Sta. Maria as Stella de Castro
Dante Ponce as Stanley Amnardo
Joem Bascon as Don
Maria Isabel Lopez as Linda
Cris Villanueva as Dr. Manolo Apacible
Rhed Bustamante as Maria Amnardo
Jonicka Cyleen Movido as Leonora Vera
Juvy Lyn Bison as Teresa de Castro
Marco Masa as Eldon Apacible
Joey Paras as Augusto
Tess Antonio as Shirley
Eagle Riggs as Teacher Danilo
Dang Cruz as Teacher Socorro
NiƱa Dolino
Robert Bermudez

Wenn V. Deramas

Horror, Drama

Star Cinema

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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