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Leona Calderon (2013)

Leona Calderon is a retiring altruistic music lover earning her living cleaning establishments and private homes. Having a fun loving nature she is fancied by her landlord who dreams of dancing with her to her favorite tune. Another admirer is a homeless man who gets endears by her jolly disposition and not by her loose pennies for a can of lager. She befriends an isolated elderly English lady, a migrant worker with no visa and a charitable middle age woman. As a breadwinner she looks forward to her much awaited retirement which is now doomed following a diagnoses of cancer. The island where she comes from where she plans to spend her life with her family becomes just a dream. She now faces a dilemma between losing her hard earned savings to medical expenses or losing the time with her family if she spends her retirement in a country where her treatment is free. Leona's wit and fun nature will make you smile, laugh and cry. What happens to this happy lady in this funny world?

Pilar Pilapil
Irene Alano
Gabriela Belard
Sarah Borges
Greg Canestrari
Junix Inocian
Virginia McKenna
Imelda de los Reyes

Jowee Morel

Romance, Comedy, Drama

Viva Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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