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Diary ng Panget (2014)

The teen romance-comedy follows the interesting tale of Rhea “Eya” Rodriguez (Nadine), an ordinary-looking but hard working girl with an extraordinary character. She earns a scholarship to the topnotch Willford Academy, a school for beautiful, smart but mostly snobbish students. She works as a part-time food assistant in her aunt's karinderya and to further make ends meet, she applies as the personal maid to the only son of Mr. Sandford, a multi-millionaire businessman. It is later that Eya realizes she will be working for Cross Sandford (James), the most popular guy in Willford Academy, student council president, star athlete and commercial model. Beneath the public persona of being the perfect Prince Charming in every girl’s dream, Eya’s ward is nothing but disrespectful and arrogant, quickly nicknaming her “Panget” (ugly). He dumps seemingly endless tasks on Eya and seems to enjoy seeing her suffer and humiliated even in public. However, Eya’s determination, wit and resourcefulness put her at par with her privileged torturer. And just like that, Cross has met his match. In school, Eya is befriended by Lori (Yassi), a beautiful, down-to-earth British girl who turns out to be secretly in love with Cross since childhood. In a chance encounter at the karinderya, Eya meets Chad (Andre), a handsome and sensitive boy, almost as popular as Cross in school. But unlike Cross, Chad is sweet, thoughtful and doesn’t seem to judge Eya by her looks. In all her years as a non-existent wallflower, Eya develops her first real crush. Despite having a monster for a boss, Eya feels lucky enough to find two new friends in Chad and Lori. As time passes, Eya's friendship with Chad and Lori deepens while her constant sparring with Cross escalates. In one of his most devious plots, Cross makes Eya the most hated girl in school by spreading the rumor that she is his girlfriend.Chad, meanwhile, confides that he is madly in love with Lori and enlists Eya’s help in professing his love for her. Suddenly, Eya is caught in the middle of the complicated love triangle between Lori-Cross and Chad-Lori. Will she succeed in turning either pair into reality or will she end up joining the fray and find love of her own?

Nadine Lustre
James Reid
Andre Paras
Yassi Pressman
Gabby Concepcion

Andoy Ranay

Comedy, Romance

Viva Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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