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10000 Hours (A 2013 MMFF Entry)

Gabriel Molino Alcaraz is an upright man. He is a man who has lived his life by the law and for the law.

He is also a man betrayed by the law.

10000 hours is the journey of a man who starts his career as a rookie cop who helps bring down a crime syndicate that kidnaps children and teens with the intent of ransoming them off for large amounts of money. In the process, Gabriel solidifies his own intent of becoming a person who serves to expose nothing but the truth and to make evildoers pay for their crimes against society. Even early on in his career, he makes an enemy of a corrupt general who apparently runs the said syndicate.

This general, ten years after, becomes a temporary nightmare in the family life of Alcaraz. But Alcaraz defends his loved ones by killing the general.

But the past can come back to haunt both those who did good and bad. Alcaraz has become a senator and has continued on his path as a family man and a man of reason who serves the law. But his continued search, for what is the truth leads him to discover some very unsavory things about government officials higher up in the echelon. His enemies, using legalities, have plans of putting him behind bars. But in an effort to prove his innocence, Alcaraz runs from the very law he swore to uphold and protect. He hides in France, in search of someone who can prove that he is innocent of charges being brought up against him. But it is an ordeal that leaves his family without a father to lean on.

Unable to come home to his beloved country, Gabriel searches for his ticket to freedom even as his family unravels. He suffers through a year of emotional torture as he tries to hide his identity by becoming a dishwasher and a busboy in a foreign land. Though help comes to him in the form of a woman who he previously helped, he is also relentlessly pursued by his former mentor and a journalist who wants to make a name for herself.

In the end, the truth prevails and justice is achieved.
Or so it seems.

Robin Padilla
Alden Richards
Bela Padilla
Mylene Dizon
Carla Humphries
Pen Medina
Joem Bascon
Michael De Mesa

Bb. Joyce Bernal

Action, Drama

Viva Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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