Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir (A 2013 MMFF Entry)

Pedro Calungsod, a young Filipino man, leaves his Visayan native roots to join the Spanish Jesuit priest Fr. Diego de San Vitores in his mission to the Marianas Islands (Guam) in 1668.

The San Diego Mission arrives in the Marianas where the young Pedro, a trained catechist and mission assistant, begins work for Fr. Diego de San Vitores in baptizing the Chamorro natives, preaching the holy gospel and spreading the good news of salvation through the Christian faith amidst paganism, doubt and disbelief. Despite the longing for his father and the threats to their lives, even at the peril of death, Pedro and Fr. Diego continued their missionary work. They roamed the dangerous islands and baptized many more natives and continued to enlighten them about Christianity.

Guam is now a devoutly Catholic state and this is the story of how the young Filipino saint, between wars and persecutions, played his part in this divine mission.

This adventure movie is for everybody. The young boy who guided his blind mentor is something to witness and learn from. Pedro Calungsod's life of devotion is relatable to all.

Rocco Nacino
Christian Vazquez
Jestoni Alarcon
Ryan Eigenmann
Robert Correa
Alvin Aragon
Victor Basa
BJ Forbes
Carlo Gonzalez
Arthur Solinap
Mico Palanca
Cholo Barretto
Geoff Taylor
Johann Santos
Isadora Valasquez
Ruby Ruiz
Mercedes Cabral

Francis O. Villacorta

Adventure, Drama

HPI Synergy Group, Wings Entertainment

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy (A 2013 MMFF Entry)

It is the wackiest, craziest, and most heartwarming family movie of the season. The film features Vice playing four siblings who are all in search for love, family, and acceptance.

The movie revolves around the story of quadruplets who were separated from each other when they were babies. Two of the siblings, Team Girl-Boy, flew to the States with their father while the other two, Team Bakla-Tomboy, were left behind under the care of their mother.

Conflict begins when the siblings based in the States discover that the boy is afflicted with a liver disease and must undergo a transplant. The US-based siblings soon discover that they have two other siblings in the Philippines whose liver could be a match to the boy’s. The situation forces them to come home and reconnect with their siblings and mother.

For the very first time Team Girl-Boy and Team Bakla-Tomboy meet face to face, ushering a series of hilarious events that may or may not lead to the mending of the divide between the groups.

Vice Ganda
Maricel Soriano
Joey Marquez
Ruffa Gutierrez
Cristine Reyes
Xyriel Manabat
Kiray Celis
JM Ibanez
JC De Vera
Ejay Falcon
Joy Viado

Wenn V. Deramas


Star Cinema, Viva Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

My Little Bossings (A 2013 MMFF Entry)

In this film, the man also known as Bossing plays the role of Torky, a bookkeeper working for Baba, a millionaire cash management specialist (Kris Aquino). Because of some conflict in her business that puts her life in danger, Baba entrusts the safety of her son Justin (James “Bimby” Aquino Yap) to Torky who takes him home to meet his niece Ice (Aiza Seguerra) and Ching (Ryzza Mae Dizon), the street urchin that the latter took under her wing. Given that Justin is not particularly fond of Torky, how all four of them would get along under one roof becomes the focus of the story.

Vic Sotto
Ryzza Mae Dizon
James "Bimby" Aquino Yap
Kris Aquino
Aiza Seguerra
Jaclyn Jose
Jose Manalo
Paolo Ballesteros
Barbie Forteza
Neil Coleta
Neil Ryan Sese
Erika Padilla
Nico Antonio
Roi Vinzon
Anjo Yllana
Tado Jimenez
Jinky Oda
Jimmy Santos
Joey de Leon
Oyo Sotto
Kristine Hermosa
Ruby Rodriguez

Marlon N. Rivera


OctoArts Films, M-Zet TV Production, Inc., APT Entertainment, Kris Aquino Productions

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

10000 Hours (A 2013 MMFF Entry)

Gabriel Molino Alcaraz is an upright man. He is a man who has lived his life by the law and for the law.

He is also a man betrayed by the law.

10000 hours is the journey of a man who starts his career as a rookie cop who helps bring down a crime syndicate that kidnaps children and teens with the intent of ransoming them off for large amounts of money. In the process, Gabriel solidifies his own intent of becoming a person who serves to expose nothing but the truth and to make evildoers pay for their crimes against society. Even early on in his career, he makes an enemy of a corrupt general who apparently runs the said syndicate.

This general, ten years after, becomes a temporary nightmare in the family life of Alcaraz. But Alcaraz defends his loved ones by killing the general.

But the past can come back to haunt both those who did good and bad. Alcaraz has become a senator and has continued on his path as a family man and a man of reason who serves the law. But his continued search, for what is the truth leads him to discover some very unsavory things about government officials higher up in the echelon. His enemies, using legalities, have plans of putting him behind bars. But in an effort to prove his innocence, Alcaraz runs from the very law he swore to uphold and protect. He hides in France, in search of someone who can prove that he is innocent of charges being brought up against him. But it is an ordeal that leaves his family without a father to lean on.

Unable to come home to his beloved country, Gabriel searches for his ticket to freedom even as his family unravels. He suffers through a year of emotional torture as he tries to hide his identity by becoming a dishwasher and a busboy in a foreign land. Though help comes to him in the form of a woman who he previously helped, he is also relentlessly pursued by his former mentor and a journalist who wants to make a name for herself.

In the end, the truth prevails and justice is achieved.
Or so it seems.

Robin Padilla
Alden Richards
Bela Padilla
Mylene Dizon
Carla Humphries
Pen Medina
Joem Bascon
Michael De Mesa

Bb. Joyce Bernal

Action, Drama

Viva Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Boy Golden: The Arturo Porcuna Story (A 2013 MMFF Entry)

From the shadows of gangland Manila rises a familiar gangster; thought as dead by many but now back and thirsty for revenge. Arturo Porcuna, now known as “Boy Golden”, treads back to the streets of gangsters to seek revenge against an old adversary.
Along the way he meets Marla Dee, a sexy, stunning woman filled with vendetta against the same gang leader Boy Golden is after. Together, they join forces, along with a handful of friends, to satisfy their own thirsts of revenge.
Inspired by the story of a real life gangster Arturo “Boy Golden” Porcuna during the 60’s, the movie takes the story of the “unkillable” gangster back to its realm of gun fights, bloodshed, reputation and revenge; packed with another chapter of finding out where the heart lies amidst the bullet filled world of Gang-land Manila.

Jeorge "E.R." Estregan
KC Concepcion
Eddie Garcia
John Estrada
Tonton Gutierrez
Leo Martinez
Gloria Sevilla
Jhong Hilario
Baron Geisler
Joem Bascon
Roi Vinzon
John Lapus
Mon Confiado
Dick Israel
Deborah Sun
Simon Ibarra
Gerald Ejercito
Dexter Doria
Buboy Villar
Juan Miguel Urquico
Lui Manansala
Gerard Acao
Mike Lloren

Chito S. Roño

Action, Drama

Scenema Concepts, Viva Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel (A 2013 MMFF Entry)

Eugene Domingo will once again bring to life the characters, Kimmy and Dora. These are twin sisters who are completely different. Kimmy is a cold, successful businesswoman while Dora is a child-like girl with a heart of gold. In the previous movies, their love interest was Dingdong Dantes. For this third and last installment, Sam Milby will be the focal point of the twin's interest.

Eugene Domingo
Sam Milby
Joel Torre
Angel Aquino
Ariel Ureta
Miriam Quiambao
Moi Bien
Dawn Zulueta

Chris Martinez

Action, Comedy

MJM Productions, Quantum Films, Spring Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay (2013 MMFF Entry)

Cedric (Daniel Padilla) and his friends visit a funeral and each of them unwittingly breaks one superstitious belief after the other including the dreaded "pagpag" as each of them went directly home after the funeral. Unbeknownst to Cedric and his friends, they brought home a malevolent and vengeful spirit. Cedric was forced to team up with Leni (Kathryn Bernardo) in the hope of containing and abating the wrath of the vengeful spirit and eventually vanquishing it in the process. But as they struggle to succeed, more mishaps occur and they run out of options in saving their family and friends.

Kathryn Bernardo
Daniel Padilla
Paulo Avelino
Shaina Magdayao
Matet de Leon
Janus Del Prado
Miles Ocampo
Clarence Delgado
CJ Navato
Michelle Vito
Dominic Roque
Dominic Ochoa
Manuel Chua
Eric Froilan Nicolas
Marvin Yap
Enchong Dee
Empress Schuck

Frasco Santos Mortiz


Star Cinema, Regal Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Saka Saka (2013)

“Saka Saka” is a story about two brothers, Alex Abueg (Falcon) and Abner Abueg (Marco), whose family and lives are shattered upon their initiation to the violent world of political assassins or saka sakas. The movie exposes the secret world of the saka saka as it explores and interrogates the age-old conflict between lawful righteousness and violent revenge. Set against the contrasting backdrops of rustic, provincial life and the fast-paced, modern culture of the metro, “Saka Saka” is essentially a family movie that challenges audiences to think about the extreme extent they may do to defend and protect their families from oppression and corruption.

Ejay Falcon
Joseph Marco
Baron Geisler
Toby Alejar
Perla Bautista
Kathleen Hermosa
Akiko Solon
Martin Imperial

Toto Natividad

Action, Drama


For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

When The Love Is Gone (2013)

The story revolves around a woman (Cristine Reyes) and an older man (Gabby Concepcion) who meet serendipitously during a stormy time in their individual lives – she after discovering that her husband (Jake Cuenca) is gay, and he after realizing how far apart he and his wife (Alice Dixson) have drifted from each other. They instantly fall in love with each other and not long after decide to leave their spouses to live together.

Things are not as easy for the man because he has a teen-aged daughter (Andi Eigenmann). Because he loves his daughter so much, he agrees to his wife’s proposal to keep their separation a secret. And so he divides his time between his family and his mistress. But what the couple doesn’t know is that their smart and feisty daughter has gotten wind of the deceit very early on. And she revels against it by getting a boyfriend.

Eventually, the sticky situation catches up with the man and it leads him to a new realization. But just when he is ready to go back to his family, with his mistress’s acceptance and consent, the mistress’s bitter and vengeful husband unleashes his explosive anger on them.

The movie has a big revelation in the end that is sure to surprise audiences and get them talking long after they have left the cinemas. Marked by the glossy, polished, glamorous look of the classic Viva films from the '80s, this is contemporary Filipino melodrama at its finest and most sophisticated. A definite must-see!

Cristine Reyes
Andi Eigenmann
Jake Cuenca
Gabby Concepcion
Alice Dixson
Dina Bonnevie
Anton Revilla

Andoy Ranay


Viva Films, Multivision Pictures

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.