Call Center Girl (2013) - Under Star Cinema

The movie is centered on Teresa (Pokwang) who is in a desperate race against time to unite her family and win back the affections of her estranged daughter Regina (Jessy Mendiola). By some twist of fate, Teresa (who worked in a cruise ship for 13 years) lands a job in a call center where her daughter Regina is employed thus providing her with the perfect opportunity to rekindle her broken relationship with her daughter.

In the process, Teresa encounters a diverse bunch of people from different walks of life. She then gradually appreciates the concept of extended families. Ultimately, Teresa and Regina learn the true value of family as both discover their individual purposes in life.

Enchong Dee
Jessy Mendiola
John Lapus
Ejay Falcon
K Brosas
Arron Villaflor
Ogie Diaz
Alex Castro
Dianne Medina
Natasha Cabrera
Jestoni Alarcon
Janice De Belen
Jayson Gainza
Rufa Mi
Thou Reyes

Don M. Cuaresma


Star Cinema

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Sapi (2013)

“Sapi” is horror film about a paranormal phenomenon of demonic possession intertwined with the goings on in the lives of broadcast journalists trying to get ahead.

It spins from an ongoing competition between two television networks, the Sarimanok Broadcasting Network (SBN) and Philippine Broadcasting Channel (PBC). SBN, whose news production team is headed by two employees, Meryll Flores (played by Meryll Soriano) and Dennis Marquez (Dennis Trillo), finds that documenting an actual spiritual possession would be their only hope of getting the break they so desperately seek. Yet, despite their thorough research they could not find any incident of possession that they could film.

Sadly, their rival network PBC stumbles upon a case of demonic possession from footage taken by its cameraman, Baron Valdez (Baron Geisler). Feeling desperate, Meryll buys the outtakes of the Ruby possession case from Baron.

What Meryll thought would mark the turning point of her career slowly turns out to be a reality she did not bargain for; one that mirrors the political system governing the TV network where she works for.

Dennis Trillo
Meryll Soriano
Baron Geisler
Ruby Ruiz
Flor Salanga
Mercedes Cabral
Jon Achaval
Raquel Villavicencio
Kristoffer King
Jim Libiran
Richard Manabat

Brillante Ma Mendoza


Center Stage Productions, Solar Entertainment Corporation

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