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Status: It's Complicated (2013)

MANNY (Jake Cuenca) and JERRY (Paolo Avelino) have been best buddies and housemates for the longest time but they cannot be any more different from each other – especially when it comes to their take on the affairs of the heart. Manny, a chef gifted with chiselled looks and ripped abs, believes that love – just like sex – should be shared with as many partners as possible. On the other hand, Jerry, a dorky-but-cute graphic designer, thinks that he should wait it out for that special someone. They decide to swap lifestyles just to prove whose theory is right.

Unexpectedly, Manny falls hard for RINA (Maja Salvador) – a conservative hot babe who would not have any of his romantic or sexual innuendoes. Meanwhile, Jerry becomes the focus of attention of two of his clients – foreign-educated fashion designer SYLVIA (Solenn Heussaff) and highly-educated sexologist MARIAN (Eugene Domingo). As the two guys compare notes on their ongoing lifestyle experiment, their love and sex lives get intertwined with their involvement with the three women.

This movie dares to defy the widely-accepted notions on love, sex, and relationships.

Maja Salvador
Jake Cuenca
Paulo Avelino
Solenn Heussaff
Eugene Domingo
Clarence Delgado
Ria Garcia
Rr Enriquez
Bea Saw
Marx Topacio
Madz Nicolas

Chris Martinez

Comedy, Romance

Regal Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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