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Bad Romance (2013)

“BAD ROMANCE” is a romantic love story turned suspense thriller. The movie starts of in an almost “tele-novela” style and is deliberately “cutesie”. But the love for Andrea (played by Mercedes Cabral) soon takes a different route that the expected one and the movie becomes a suspense thriller. Andrea shares a night of passion with Sam Lloyd Pascual and from there onwards the movie becomes chillingly dark! This is a movie you will enjoy and has lots of twists and turns and a very unexpected ending.

Mercedes Cabral
Aiza Seguerra
Rey PJ Abellana
Archie Alemania
Jayson Gainza
Ogie Diaz
Raul Morit
Flor Salanga
Francis Lopez
Karen Gallman
Janelle Manahan

Ian del Carmen

Thriller, Suspense, Romance

Grindhouse Productions, Argon Vision

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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