Status: It's Complicated (2013)

MANNY (Jake Cuenca) and JERRY (Paolo Avelino) have been best buddies and housemates for the longest time but they cannot be any more different from each other – especially when it comes to their take on the affairs of the heart. Manny, a chef gifted with chiselled looks and ripped abs, believes that love – just like sex – should be shared with as many partners as possible. On the other hand, Jerry, a dorky-but-cute graphic designer, thinks that he should wait it out for that special someone. They decide to swap lifestyles just to prove whose theory is right.

Unexpectedly, Manny falls hard for RINA (Maja Salvador) – a conservative hot babe who would not have any of his romantic or sexual innuendoes. Meanwhile, Jerry becomes the focus of attention of two of his clients – foreign-educated fashion designer SYLVIA (Solenn Heussaff) and highly-educated sexologist MARIAN (Eugene Domingo). As the two guys compare notes on their ongoing lifestyle experiment, their love and sex lives get intertwined with their involvement with the three women.

This movie dares to defy the widely-accepted notions on love, sex, and relationships.

Maja Salvador
Jake Cuenca
Paulo Avelino
Solenn Heussaff
Eugene Domingo
Clarence Delgado
Ria Garcia
Rr Enriquez
Bea Saw
Marx Topacio
Madz Nicolas

Chris Martinez

Comedy, Romance

Regal Films

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Bad Romance (2013)

“BAD ROMANCE” is a romantic love story turned suspense thriller. The movie starts of in an almost “tele-novela” style and is deliberately “cutesie”. But the love for Andrea (played by Mercedes Cabral) soon takes a different route that the expected one and the movie becomes a suspense thriller. Andrea shares a night of passion with Sam Lloyd Pascual and from there onwards the movie becomes chillingly dark! This is a movie you will enjoy and has lots of twists and turns and a very unexpected ending.

Mercedes Cabral
Aiza Seguerra
Rey PJ Abellana
Archie Alemania
Jayson Gainza
Ogie Diaz
Raul Morit
Flor Salanga
Francis Lopez
Karen Gallman
Janelle Manahan

Ian del Carmen

Thriller, Suspense, Romance

Grindhouse Productions, Argon Vision

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Bisperas (2011)

The eve of Christmas, the Aguinaldo family’s residence is burglarized, causing its members to identify stolen items and uncover lingering sentiments they have hidden from each other. Amidst the tension brought about by the burglary, the Aguinaldo family realizes how treasured sentiments have been lost, relationships have evolved as they arrive from church at a house in shambles.

Tirso Cruz III
Raquel Villavicencio
Julia Clarete
Jennifer Sevilla
Edgar Allan Guzman
Aryanna Santiago
Jen Donnaire
Kimmy Maclang
Troy De Guzman
Geraldine Aleria
Jef-Henson Dee
Mary Roldan

Jeffrey Jeturian


Cinemalaya, Quantum Films

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Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki (2013)

Bekikang/Vittorio (Joey Paras) opens with his line of thoughts on where gay people come from. He highlights his comical points of view on his inquiry from the book of Genesis to Darwin’s theory of “Evolution.” Bekikang, who was born on a rainy night next to a rice paddy, is the son of Gorio and Maristela. Although being bullied outside their home, Bekikang grows up in a happy and supportive family. When Bekikang’s mother dies, his father takes on a new love in the house named Anacleta who becomes Bekikang’s cross to bear. As Bekikang grows, he never stops fighting the people who taunt him. One day, Bekikang meets another person subjected to bullying named Fortunato. It is love at first sight for Bekikang. Fortunato becomes the man who gives colour and meaning to Bekikang’s world. Bekikang and Fortunato become good friends. Bekikang’s colorful life turns black and white when Natalie meets Fortunato. Natalie who desires to work and live in Japan is a food assistant in a small canteen. Fortunato falls madly in love with Natalie and not long after, a love blossoms between the two. Natalie is already pregnant when Bekikang hears about the relationship between Natalie and Fortunato. Following the birth of the child they named Potpot, Natalie decides to fulfill her dreams of going to Japan. Natalie decides to leave Potpot to Fortunato who is also planning of going abroad. Fortunato then seeks the help of Bekikang and leaves Potpot to him with the promise of a monthly support. The promises eventually get broken, but Bekikang continues to nurture the love for Potpot. Withstanding the hardships of a single parent, Bekikang makes Potpot the center of his world. Trying to give the child the most of what he can, Bekikang works hard to give a happy home to Potpot. Few days following Potpot’s seventh birthday, Bekikang sees Fortunato. Bekikang finds out that Fortunato and Natalie are together again living in luxury and this time, demanding for Potpot’s custody. With no legal power, Bekikang has to give up Potpot. Potpot becomes depressed and decides to run away and look for Bekikang. Will Natalie and Fortunato give up their child once they realize that Bekikang has been an ideal parent for Potpot?

Joey Paras
Tirso Cruz III
Tom Rodriguez
Janice de Belen
Nikki Valdez
Malou de Guzman
Carla Humphries
Atak Arana
Lassy Marquez
JM Ibanez
Maricar de Mesa
Manuel Chua
Rubi Rubi
Frank Garcia
Jeff Luna
Miguel Aguila

Wenn V. Deramas


Viva Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

She's The One (2013)

She’s The One is a story that combines the excitement of an unexpected romance with the epiphany that comes with finding the one person you can’t live without.

"Cat Aguinaldo is a young woman for whom family responsibility has always come first. The cat always stands by the side of her best friend Wacky (Dingdong), a morning show host and serial dater who unwittingly pushes his best friend into a complicated romantic situation just to save his TV career. By the time he realizes what he’s done and confronts his own feelings, it may be too late."

Bea Alonzo
Dingdong Dantes
Enrique Gil
Maricar Reyes
Liza Soberano
Tony Mabesa
Perla Bautista
Pinky Amador
Guji Lorenzana
RS Francisco
Marc Solis
Erika Padilla
Garlic Garcia
Daniel Matsunaga
LJ Reyes
Coleen Garcia

Mae Czarina Cruz

Comedy, Romance, Drama

Star Cinema

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Alagwa (2013)

An impoverished single parent, Robert Lim (Jericho Rosales) spends his free time with his young son Brian. One day he takes him to the penny mall for a treat. Turning his back just for a minute, he loses the little boy. Surveillance videos reveal the child being led away by an older man.

The father’s anguished search begins. When the police fail to locate his child, he plows through the back streets of Manila, unearthing the dark facets of human trafficking, determined to find his son at all costs.

Jericho Rosales
Bugoy Cariño
Leo Martinez
Smokey Manaloto
Carmen Soo
John Manalo
Jeremiah Rosales
Iñaki Ting
Garry Lim
Nanette Inventor
Jaimeson Lee
EJ Caro

Ian Loreños

Drama, Suspense

Anakim Media Productions and Star Cinema

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.