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Senior Year (2010) - TVrip

SENIOR YEAR is a glimpse into the lives of ten students at St. Frederick’s Academy as they struggle through the final months before graduation. Hearts are broken and healed, friendships are formed and lost. Childish ways are thrown out in exchange for seeds of maturity. Is this the beginning of so-called adulthood or the start of a bumpy ride towards the crazy mess of real life?

Che Ramos
LJ Moreno
RJ Ledesma
Ina Feleo
Arnold Reyes
Dimples Romana
Ramon Bautista
Aaron Balana
Celina PeƱaflorida
Rossanne de Boda
Eric Marquez
Sheila Bulanhagui
Francez Bunda
Daniel Medrana
Nikita Conwi
Mary Lojo
Daniel Lumain

Jerrold Tarog

Comedy, Drama

Digitank Studios Inc., Metric Films, BigTop Media

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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