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Rakenrol (2011) - TVRip

Philippines, the present day. At high school, rock-music fan Odie (Jason Abalos) falls for fellow enthusiast Irene (Glaiza de Castro), and when they meet again at college Irene, who has since blossomed into a hot rock chick, suggests they form a band to perform the songs that Odie is now writing. They recruit Mo (Ketchup Eusebio), a onetime guitarist with rock band Titik O (My Cock) who's now working in a coffee shop, and angry young punk drummer Junfour (Alwyn Uytinco) to join them, and name their band Hapipaks. At a successful debut in a small club, they're spotted by Matet de Leon (Matet de Leon), a former child movie star, who offers to manage them. However, as they slowly climb up the ladder, various developments come into play: Junfour's girlfriend Tracy (Hiyasmin Neri) announces she's two months' pregnant, Junfour himself joins New Age sect G-Spot run by weirdo Gami Ogenta (Ricardo Cepeda), and Mo is driven crazy by his penniless flatmate Francis (Jun Sabayton), a conceptual artist. But the biggest strain on the group is when Irene meets her rock-music idol Jacci Rocha (Diether Ocampo), a self-absorbed womaniser who shamelessly romances her. Odie, who still hasn't declared his love for her, is driven crazy with jealousy.

Jason Abalos
Glaiza de Castro
Ramon Bautista - Flame Tigerblden
Matet De Leon - Matet De Leon
Ketchup Eusebio - Mo
Diether Ocampo - Jacci Rocha
Wincy Aquino Ong - Sven de Leon
Jun Sabayton - Yagit / Francis
Alwyn Uytingco - Junfour

Quark Henares

Comedy, Romance

Furball (PH), in association with Revolver

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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