Instant Mommy (2013)

Instant Mommy introduces us to Bechayda (played by Eugene Domingo), a wardrobe assistant who’s committed to her Japanese fiancé, Kaoru (played by Japanese actor Yuki Matsuzaki).

The family breadwinner, she supports both her father and brother by taking various projects and working long hours. Good thing her income is augmented by Kaoru’s financial support, who becomes more involved with her upon learning that Bechay is pregnant with their child. This comes as a big relief for Bechay, as she dreams of nothing more than to give her family a better life. With a little help from Kaoru, she sets out to buy a decent house for her family. She looks forward to the future: her family finally getting the good life they deserve, while she starts a new life with Kaoru and their baby.

But things aren’t always what they seem. Everything falls apart when Bechay suffers a miscarriage. In one swift moment, her dreams, her boyfriend, and the promise of a better life all vanish into thin air.

Kaoru, who seems so eager to separate from his Japanese wife, conveniently fails to contact Bechay throughout her entire ordeal. The child—her only link to Kaoru—is gone, and the life she has dreamed of is slipping away from her fingers. Bechay’s emotionally scarred, but she feels she has to move on because her family depends on her. As such, she decides to take an unusual course of action. Things are back to normal except for one thing: Bechay has become an instant mommy.

Eugene Domingo as Bechayda
Yuki Matsuzaki as Kaoru
Luis Alandy as JB
Rico J. Puno as Ben
Shamaine Buencamino as Mrs. Cruz
Tuesday Vargas as Cousin Suzette
Matt Evans as Oscar
Jojit Lorenzo as Lee
Delphine Buencamino as Jenny
Earl Ignacio as Roger
Mitoy Sta. Ana as Sir Mitoy
Dudz Teraña as Win

Leo Abaya

Comedy, Drama

Cinemalaya, Kris Aquino Production, Quantum Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

On The Job (OTJ)

Inspired by a real-life corruption scandal that involved inmates being released for a day to work as hired killers for crooked politicians.

Piolo Pascual
Gerald Anderson
Rayver Cruz
Shaina Magdayao
Empress Schuck
Joel Torre
Angel Aquino
Vivian Velez
Joey Marquez
Leo Martinez
Michael de Mesa
Al Tantay
William Martinez
Niño Muhlach

Erik Matti

Action, Thriller

Reality Entertainment and Star Cinema

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Senior Year (2010) - TVrip

SENIOR YEAR is a glimpse into the lives of ten students at St. Frederick’s Academy as they struggle through the final months before graduation. Hearts are broken and healed, friendships are formed and lost. Childish ways are thrown out in exchange for seeds of maturity. Is this the beginning of so-called adulthood or the start of a bumpy ride towards the crazy mess of real life?

Che Ramos
LJ Moreno
RJ Ledesma
Ina Feleo
Arnold Reyes
Dimples Romana
Ramon Bautista
Aaron Balana
Celina Peñaflorida
Rossanne de Boda
Eric Marquez
Sheila Bulanhagui
Francez Bunda
Daniel Medrana
Nikita Conwi
Mary Lojo
Daniel Lumain

Jerrold Tarog

Comedy, Drama

Digitank Studios Inc., Metric Films, BigTop Media

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Ang Huling Henya 2013 (Cam Copy)

Miri is trapped in her past and this time her whole past comes crashing back into her life: old dead secrets, her dead parents, and even the walking dead.

Miri’s return to Manila only brings her back to more trouble – the personal kind. Even as a young girl, Miri believed she is responsible for her parents death and the guilt kept her from building healthy relationships with those around her specially with her younger brother Mark.

Miri Alvarez, is one of the best agents of an international group organized to protect scientists and inventors from a tech-grabbing group called The Agency. But Miri is hot headed and refuses to follow orders. In one rescue operation, Miri’s refusal to follow protocol gets her long-time partner killed. Miri is suspended and sent back to Manila.

Rufa Mae Quinto
Candy Pangilinan
Edgar Allan Guzman
Ricci Chan
Ayen Laurel
Robert Seña
DJ Durano
Abby Bautista
Kalila Aguilos
Fabio Ide
Kean Cipriano
Valerie Weigmann
Marco Maya
Jovic Monsod
Marvin Agustin
Ms. Cherie Gil

Marlon N. Rivera

Comedy, Action, Drama, Adventure

Viva Films, MVP Pictures

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.

Rakenrol (2011) - TVRip

Philippines, the present day. At high school, rock-music fan Odie (Jason Abalos) falls for fellow enthusiast Irene (Glaiza de Castro), and when they meet again at college Irene, who has since blossomed into a hot rock chick, suggests they form a band to perform the songs that Odie is now writing. They recruit Mo (Ketchup Eusebio), a onetime guitarist with rock band Titik O (My Cock) who's now working in a coffee shop, and angry young punk drummer Junfour (Alwyn Uytinco) to join them, and name their band Hapipaks. At a successful debut in a small club, they're spotted by Matet de Leon (Matet de Leon), a former child movie star, who offers to manage them. However, as they slowly climb up the ladder, various developments come into play: Junfour's girlfriend Tracy (Hiyasmin Neri) announces she's two months' pregnant, Junfour himself joins New Age sect G-Spot run by weirdo Gami Ogenta (Ricardo Cepeda), and Mo is driven crazy by his penniless flatmate Francis (Jun Sabayton), a conceptual artist. But the biggest strain on the group is when Irene meets her rock-music idol Jacci Rocha (Diether Ocampo), a self-absorbed womaniser who shamelessly romances her. Odie, who still hasn't declared his love for her, is driven crazy with jealousy.

Jason Abalos
Glaiza de Castro
Ramon Bautista - Flame Tigerblden
Matet De Leon - Matet De Leon
Ketchup Eusebio - Mo
Diether Ocampo - Jacci Rocha
Wincy Aquino Ong - Sven de Leon
Jun Sabayton - Yagit / Francis
Alwyn Uytingco - Junfour

Quark Henares

Comedy, Romance

Furball (PH), in association with Revolver

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.