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Raketeros - Clear Cam Copy (2013)

Raketeros recounts the hilarious misadventures of a group of middle aged men, tasked by Don Miguel, their high school batch mate, to fetch an expensive gown from the airport and then take it to Batangas, where it will be worn by his daughter, Juicy, at her debut. Berto, the cable guy (Herbert Bautista), Mando, the billiards player (Dennis Padilla), Julio, the singer (Olgie Alcasid), and Andoy, the priest (Andrew E) experience a series of comical adventures in accomplishing their seemingly simple mission, culminating in an action-filled pursuit by a criminal syndicate. At one point during the car chase, when everything seemed lost, the four buddies revealed intimate truths about themselves, further strengthening their bond of friendship. They managed to survive by the skin of their teeth and take the bullet-ridden gown to Don Miguel's mansion, where it somehow turned out to be the marvel of the event.

Mark Gil
Sam Pinto
Ryan Bang
Wendy Valdez
RR Enriquez
Regine Angeles
Rodjun Cruz
Eula Caballero
Karen Reyes
Markki Stroem
Ryan Boyce
IC Mendoza
Ahwel Paz
Patricia Ismael
Ruffa Mae Quinto
Nova Villa
Jaime Fabregas
Dimples Romana
Jay Manalo
Roi Vinzon
Cherrie Pie Picache
Janice De Belen
Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Randy Santiago


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