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Graceland (2012 Clear Copy)

In this unpredictable and tightly-paced thriller, family man Marlon Villar—a longtime chauffeur to corrupt Filipino politician Manuel Chango—is faced with an unthinkable predicament when he gets ambushed while driving both his boss’s twelve year-old girl and his own daughter home from school one afternoon. In the chaos of the kidnapping attempt, things go horribly awry and Marlon’s daughter is taken and held for ransom instead. Desperate to save his daughter, Marlon must navigate the conflicting motives between the ruthless kidnappers, untrustworthy Chango and determined detectives eager to name him a suspect without letting on the wrong girl was taken hostage. As events progress wildly unaccording to plan, Marlon, Chango and their families are forced into a rapid downward spiral of deceit and betrayal that will leave no one innocent.

Arnold Reyes
Menggie Cobarrubias
Dido De La Paz
Leon Miguel
Ella Guevara
Marife Necesito
Patricia Gayod
Sophia Changho
Bernadette Diao
ChiChi Body Double
Yam Wilson
Angie Ferro
Angeli Bayani
Archie Adamos
Lyn Sherman
Rommel Luna
Marcial Umoso

Ron Morales

Drama, Thriller

Imprint Pictures, Drafthouse Films

For IOS, Android Devices, and any PC.


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