Ekstra (The Bit Player) - 2013 Cam Copy

A socio-realist drama-comedy film, it follows a seemingly usual day in the life of Loida Malabanan (Vilma Santos) as she embarks on yet another shooting day of a soap opera as an extra. As the shoot goes on, we get a glimpse of the truth in the ruling system of the production as well as the exploitation of the marginalized laborers like her.

Vilma Santos as Loida Malabanan
Marlon Rivera
Vincent de Jesus
Ruby Ruiz
Tart Carlo
Piolo Pascual
Marian Rivera
Cherie Gil
Pilar Pilapil
Tom Rodriguez
Eula Valdez
Cherry Pie Picache
Richard Yap
Terence Baylon

Jeffrey Jeturian

Drama, Comedy

Quantum Films

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Raketeros - Clear Cam Copy (2013)

Raketeros recounts the hilarious misadventures of a group of middle aged men, tasked by Don Miguel, their high school batch mate, to fetch an expensive gown from the airport and then take it to Batangas, where it will be worn by his daughter, Juicy, at her debut. Berto, the cable guy (Herbert Bautista), Mando, the billiards player (Dennis Padilla), Julio, the singer (Olgie Alcasid), and Andoy, the priest (Andrew E) experience a series of comical adventures in accomplishing their seemingly simple mission, culminating in an action-filled pursuit by a criminal syndicate. At one point during the car chase, when everything seemed lost, the four buddies revealed intimate truths about themselves, further strengthening their bond of friendship. They managed to survive by the skin of their teeth and take the bullet-ridden gown to Don Miguel's mansion, where it somehow turned out to be the marvel of the event.

Mark Gil
Sam Pinto
Ryan Bang
Wendy Valdez
RR Enriquez
Regine Angeles
Rodjun Cruz
Eula Caballero
Karen Reyes
Markki Stroem
Ryan Boyce
IC Mendoza
Ahwel Paz
Patricia Ismael
Ruffa Mae Quinto
Nova Villa
Jaime Fabregas
Dimples Romana
Jay Manalo
Roi Vinzon
Cherrie Pie Picache
Janice De Belen
Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Randy Santiago


Heaven's Best Entertainment

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Amigo (Clear Copy 2010)

Amigo centers on Rafael Dacanay, kapitan of the barrio of San Isidro in a rice-growing area of Luzon. His brother Simón, head of the local guerrilla band, has forced the surrender of the Spanish guardia civil outpost and charged Rafael with the task of imprisoning the guardia Captain and the barrio’s Spanish friar, Padre Hidalgo, in the name of the revolutionary government. But when the American troops chasing General Emilio Aguinaldo arrive, the Spanish officer and Padre Hidalgo are freed, and a garrison under the command of Lieutenant Ike Compton is left to ‘protect’ the barrio. The American occupation policy now changes from ‘hearts and minds’ to ‘concentration’ (what was called ‘hamletting’ during the Vietnam war) and Rafael has to answer to both the Americans and the Filipino patriots, with deadly consequences.

Joel Torre as Rafael
Chris Cooper as Col. Hardacre
Garret Dillahunt as Lt. Compton
DJ Qualls as Zeke
Yul Vazquez as Padre Hidalgo
Lucas Neff as Shanker
James Parks as Sgt. Runnels
Dane DeHaan as Gil
Stephen Taylor as Pvt. Bates
Rio Locsin as Corazon
Jemi Paretas as Zuniga
Bill Tangradi as Dutch
Bembol Roco as Policarpio
Ronnie Lazaro as Simon
Irma Adlawan as Josefa
Joe Gruta as Hilario

John Sayles


Anarchist's Convention Inc.

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Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? (CAM Copy)

"Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo" talks about facts of love and relationship with added humors on it. The movie also teaches different techniques on how to move on from being heartbroken and find a right person for you.

Kim Chiu
Xian Lim
Ramon Bautista
Kean Cipriano
Diane Medina
Jojit Lorenzo
Ryan Boyce
Lilia Cuntapay
Tonton Gutierrez

Bb. Joyce Bernal

Comedy, Romance

Star Cinema

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Graceland (2012 Clear Copy)

In this unpredictable and tightly-paced thriller, family man Marlon Villar—a longtime chauffeur to corrupt Filipino politician Manuel Chango—is faced with an unthinkable predicament when he gets ambushed while driving both his boss’s twelve year-old girl and his own daughter home from school one afternoon. In the chaos of the kidnapping attempt, things go horribly awry and Marlon’s daughter is taken and held for ransom instead. Desperate to save his daughter, Marlon must navigate the conflicting motives between the ruthless kidnappers, untrustworthy Chango and determined detectives eager to name him a suspect without letting on the wrong girl was taken hostage. As events progress wildly unaccording to plan, Marlon, Chango and their families are forced into a rapid downward spiral of deceit and betrayal that will leave no one innocent.

Arnold Reyes
Menggie Cobarrubias
Dido De La Paz
Leon Miguel
Ella Guevara
Marife Necesito
Patricia Gayod
Sophia Changho
Bernadette Diao
ChiChi Body Double
Yam Wilson
Angie Ferro
Angeli Bayani
Archie Adamos
Lyn Sherman
Rommel Luna
Marcial Umoso

Ron Morales

Drama, Thriller

Imprint Pictures, Drafthouse Films

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