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The Strangers (Enchong Dee)

The story takes places on a family who got lost in a province and start being hunted by The Strangers especially the aswang.[3]
For their 18th birthday, twins Pat and Max (Julia Montes and Enrique Gil) go on their annual out of town family trip, to the far flung oasis of Murcia. Joining them are their parents Roy and Evelyn (Johnny Revilla and Cherry Pie Picache), their grandfather Pete (Jaime Fabregas), his temporary caregiver Paloma (Janice de Belen) and their newly hired family driver, Toning (Nico Antonio). The family members set aside personal differences and go on with the trip, as they look forward to the provincial excursion.
Treading the rough roads of the countryside, their happiness is cut short when their van hits an old lady on the road. Unsure of what happened, the family tries to search for the body but it is nowhere to be found.
With the body missing, and protesting their innocence, Roy quickly asks everyone to go aboard the van and leave the vicinity. The van silently trudges its way along the dusty road but mysteriously stops after a few minutes in the middle of a forested area in Cabitongan. And from then on, as night sets in, the family is hounded by bad luck. Toning is attacked by an unknown creature, Roy and Lolo Pete are missing, and the rest of the family members are stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Lost and confused, the remaining family members unite but things take a turn for the worst, when they realize that they are trapped in a barrio full of mysterious people headed by Kapitan Tasyo (Art Acuna), his wife Corazon (Tanya Gomez) and their son Crispin (JM de Guzman).
As they are stuck in the isolated village, a series of aswang attacks begin. Pat finds alliance and connection in the unlikely form of Dolfo (Enchong Dee), an enigmatic young man, but whom the villagers suspect to be evil. Pat, Max and their parents transformed into aswang(black dog). In the end Pat killed Dolfo. After a year, their survival was to eat tourist in their business tour.

Enchong Dee as Dolfo
Julia Montes as Pat2x
Enrique Gil as Max
JM De Guzman as Crispin
Janice de Belen as Palomas
Cherry Pie Picache as Evelyn
Jaime Fabregas as Lolo Pete
Johnny Revilla as Roy
Art Acuna as Kapitan Tasyo
Tanya Gomez as Corazon
Nico Antonio as Toning
Rita Irigan
Spanky Manikan
Robert Lerin as Robert Lerin
Mark Gil

Lawrence Fajardo


Star Cinema
Quantum Films
MJM Productions

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