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Shake, Rattle & Roll 14 - Pinoy Movie

Four cousins, Myra (Janice de Belen), Donald (Herbert Bautista), Faye (Arlene Mulach) and Benedict (Eri Neeman), gather in their late uncle's house to get their inheritance of 5 million pesos each. Their uncle's butler told them if one of them dies within a month, his/her inheritance goes to the others. Each of them were given the responsibility of taking care of a comic book written by their uncle. Benedict and Myra threw their comic books away; and were haunted by the characters in the comics. They returned to their uncle's house to find out the butler had died. When the clock struck midnight, the characters in the comics came to life. Donald, with help from Rosalda, the pianist ghost, had discovered there was an even stronger character, Buboy ang Munting Diablo/Buboy the Child Demon. Buboy kills them one by one. When morning came, it was only Myra and her daughter, Gladys, who survived. They rushed out of the house. When they got into a taxi, Myra's stepson, Filemon, follows and gives Myra four checks worth 5 million pesos each. It was actually Buboy who had impersonated Filemon who gave her the checks.

Lost Command
A simple military operation, turns into carnage when a group of soldiers encounters an unexplained phenomenon in the jungle. The leader of the platoon, Martin Barrientos (Dennis Trillo), being the last man standing tries to combat his former men, who are now turning into the living dead, in one grueling battle for survival.

Hank (Vhong Navarro) & his pregnant girlfriend Kate (Lovi Poe) went to the mall to retrieve their gift for their parents to announce their engagement. Hank leaves Kate outside the gift shop to get their gift. As Hank began to retrieve his gift, a sudden explosion shook and destroyed the mall. Hank soon finds himself trapped in the mall's wreckage along with other survivors; Neil, Tom and his niece Ming. He was worried about Kate because they were separated and she's pregnant. He tries to wander around until Hank met many survivors, and tries to fight their way out of the mall. But they encountered something that was beyond humans, Aliens, that are trying to invade and conquer Earth. They helped each other together, but a few were killed. They struggled their way from floor to floor, battling and killing aliens until they saw Kate, tired and exhausted, and took her together with the other survivors. But of course, there's no heroes without villains, so the Aliens killed as many humans or survivors as they can, killing and sucking them in their Mothership. Hank and Kate went outside the mall and saw the chaos the Aliens brought. They can see the Aliens destroying buildings and killing humans, until Hank and Kate are the only ones left of their kind, the Humanrace. 3 Aliens appeared in front of them. The 3 leaders said to them that they were chosen to lead the new world, the new generation.

Herbert Bautista as Donald
Janice de Belen as Myra
Arlene Muhlach as Faye
Dennis Padilla as Benjie
Snooky Serna as Rosalda
Dimples Romana as Filomena
Empress Schuck as Cynthia
Ivan Dorschner as Emerson
Gerald Pesigan as Filemon
Eri Neeman as Benedict
Anna Vicente as Gladys
Fabio Ide as Kon De Nado

Lost Command
Dennis Trillo as Master Sgt. Martin Barrientos
Rommel Padilla as 1st Lt. Bert Garces
Paulo Avelino as Corp. Lamberto Upaon
Martin Escudero as Private Solomon Conde
Alex Castro as Pvt. Hilario Tabios
JC Tiuseco as Pvt. 1st Class Maximo Ornedo
AJ Dee as Pvt. 1st Class Blas Rogado
Ronnie Lazaro as Linda's Father
Makisig Morales as Bunag
Ella Cruz as Linda
Benz Sangalang as Pvt. Joaquin Gallego
Chris Pasturan as Zombie 1

Vhong Navarro as Hank
Lovi Poe as Kate
Carlo Aquino as Ren
Eula Caballero as Ming
Albie Casino as Neil

Chito S. Roño


Regal Films

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