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The Healing - Pinoy Movie

After her father suffers from a severe stroking, Seth (Vilma Santos) decides to bring him to Manang Elsa (Daria Ramirez), a faith healer. Elsa performs the healing and prescribes herbal medicine. As Seth and her father are about to leave, a man who is in line to see Elsa faints and is immediately brought inside. As Seth goes home and heads for her room, a crow suddenly appears, surprising her, before it mysteriously vanishes.

The following day, Seth is welcomed by her father, who has now regained his strength thanks to the healing. Everyone in town is astounded. Amazed by his grandfather's new-found health, Jed (Martin del Rosario), Seth's perturbed son, asks for help as his half-sister Cookie (Kim Chiu) is suffering from a renal disease called Glomerulonephritis and he would like to bring her to Manang Elsa.

Seth refuses, because she does not want to be held accountable by her ex-husband Val (Mark Gil) and his wife Bles (Carmi Martin) in case anything goes wrong. As Jed pleads, Seth eventually agrees to give them the address under the condition that they do not tell anyone that she gave it to them. When Seth arrives home, a party is going on. She's extremely disappointed to see that her father has gone back to his old drinking habits. Seth then finds out what the visitors want: they also want to be healed. Seth's housekeeper Alma (Pokwang) reveals a growth on her foot which has prevented her from migrating to Dubai; policeman Ding (Cris Villanueva) is suffering from a skin disease called psoriasis; neighbors: Chona (Ces Quesada), who suffers from goiter; Greta (Ynez Veneracion) has a lump in her breast, and Cacai (Abby Bautista), a young girl who is blind. The group, along with Greta's husband Ruben (Allan Paule), Cacai's mother Cita (Janice de Belen) and Chona's husband Rex (Simon Ibarra), go to see Manang Elsa but Melchor (Joel Torre), her assistant and brother, informs them that Manang Elsa is sick and refuses to see anyone. Due to Seth's pleas, Manang Elsa eventually cures all of them. On the way home, Seth crosses paths with Jed and Cookie, who are now secretly going to the faith healer.

The following day, everyone except Cookie is healed. She is taken to a hospital due to a high fever. Seth is then confronted by her ex-husband and grows angry. Days pass and Cookie is finally healed. Seth then starts to notice the behavioral changes of those who have been healed, noticing that they have become passive and quiet. One night, everyone is terrified after Chona, the woman who had goiter, is found dead after slashing her own neck with a shard of broken glass. At her funeral, Rex tells Seth that Chona had seen a crow in her dream before she died. The batch of people who were healed speak out about having had the same dream.

As time passes, the batch of people who were healed become hysterical and angry. After a blackout, Seth and Alma witness Greta murders her husband. They follow her but Greta hangs herself. The next day Ding, who is on a raid at a motel, kills the tenants and his teammates before his remaining teammates shooting him dead. Seth, worried about Cookie, explain to Jed on her behavioral changes and urges him to protect her. It turns out that the mysterious people who were healed that Seth saw was actually doppelgangers, who Demonized their images of the people who were healed before their deaths. Seth is confused as to why her father has not suffered the same fate. She asks him if had seen a crow in his dreams, but to no avail. Seth, along with Cita, decides to confront Manang Elsa about the chain of deaths, only to be informed by Melchor, that she had been killed by Dario, the man who much earlier, was thought to have only fainted but who had actually died from a heart attack. Melchor reveals that Manang Elsa unknowingly "cured" the dead, and now the life that was used to resuscitate him was the lives of the following patients that Manang Elsa "cured" after him. Melchor tells her that the best way to destroy the curse is to kill Dario.

Seth sets out to warn the others. While stuck in traffic, she sees Alma's doppelganger walk down the street towards Alma's dormitory. Seth calls Alma to warn her that her doppelganger is on its way to possess her. When Alma refuses to believe her, Seth sneaks into her apartment to find her but is too late. Alma, who has already been possessed by her doppelganger, murders her dorm mates and sets herself on fire. Afraid for her daughter's life, Cita brings Cacai to a Chinese temple to be guarded by their relative monks. Inevitably, Seth sees Cacai's image and warns Cita. However, Cita is distracted by a dragon dance and loses Cacai who is then controlled by her doppelganger. Cacai massacres the praying monks and kills herself by getting impaled on a flagpole, much to Cita's misery. Seth is haunted by the spirits of the fallen, who blame her for their deaths because Seth is the key to the healer.

Now, only one is left: Cookie. Determined to save her, Seth and Jed (who finally knows everything and resolved the mystery about the curse) takes Cookie to a secluded house and installs CCTV cameras to monitor her. To avert the curse and the brutal killings and suicides, Seth goes to jail to see Dario (Jhong Hilario) and bring him food that she has poisoned. Dario reveals to her that he is no longer Dario but a different entity. He warns her that those who have been cured by Manang Elsa will be Possessed by their own alter-egos and their souls shall be offered to him. He then tells her that the best way to end the bloodshed and the continuous spread of the curse is to kill him. Seth discards the plan of poisoning him as she cannot kill anyone. When she returns to the safe-house where Cookie is hiding, she sees the evil image of Cookie who has yet to possess the real one, and manages to get rid of her. Thinking that she has killed Cookie's doppelganger, Seth lets Cookie back into her house. But Cookie sees her doppelganger again, which chases her and possesses her. The possessed Cookie appears at Seth's house and attacks her with a knife. As she is about to get stabbed to death, Jed arrives and stops Cookie.

As the fight goes on, Cookie's doppelganger creates another doppelganger in Jed's image who then tries to stab Seth. Dario, who is behind bars, is anticipating the new life that will be transported to him but Melchor shows up at the prison and shoots him dead. The doppelgangers disappear, the bloodshed ceases, and Melchor is pinned down by police officers. Seth and Jed who are now free from the curse's reign of terror shake the unconscious Cookie, who wakes up normal and free from the curse.

Vilma Santos as Seth
Kim Chiu as Cookie
Janice de Belen as Cita
Pokwang as Alma
Robert Arevalo as Odong
Martin del Rosario as Jed
Mark Gil as Val
Carmi Martin as Bless
Cris Villanueva as Ding
Allan Paule as Ruben
Ynez Veneracion as Greta
Ces Quesada as Chona
Abby Bautista as Cacai
Daria Ramirez as Manang Elsa
Chinggoy Alonzo as Gay Hostage Taker
Simon Ibarra as Rex
Mon Confiado as Gay Lover
Cris Pasturan as Boni
Nikki Valdez as Lani
Joel Torre as Melchor
Jhong Hilario as Dario Mata
Ina Feleo as Mrs. Mata
Mercedes Cabral as Kell
Ana Capri as Melchor's Wife

Chito S. Roño


Star Cinema

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