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Now that I Have You - Pinoy movie

Now That I Have You She starts her day looking for him among the faceless crowd of the train station... HE doesn't even know she exists.. or does he? Betsy and Michael are only two of the thousands of commuters riding the MRT everyday. They don't know each other but they both board on the same stations. Betsy is a hopeless romantic, while Michael is a non-believer in love and romance. Betsy perceives Michael as 'Mr. Perfect' but when they finally meet, he turns out to be the exact opposite of her ideal man yet she still allowed herself to fall in love with him. Parallel events happen that would eventually drift them apart but in the end, they realized that the true essence of love lies on accepting each other... even their imperfections.

Bea Alonzo
Cholo Escano
John Arcilla
John Lloyd Cruz
Jojit Lorenzo
Kristopher Peralta
Nerizza Naig
Nikki Valdez
Noel Colet
Roxanne Guinoo

Laurenti M. Dyogi


Star Cinema

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