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Forevermore - Pinoy Movie

Ever since they were kids, Marian (Kristine Hermosa), a simple lass in the Cordero hacienda, has been in love with Anton, the grandson of the hacienda patriarch. She has always believed that she an Anton would fulfill the legend that Don Alejandro, tells about hacienda. According to Anton grandfather, the sweetness of the mangoes relies on the kind of love that a Cordero couple manning the hacienda share. Proof of this would be the prosperity of the mango orchard when Alejandro beloved wife, Isabela, was still alive. The orchard ceased o flourish when Anton's parents got separated. Anton (Jericho Rosales) and his father left the hacienda to relocate in Manila. As painful as it could be to Marian, she held on to her belief that the love she and Anton would share would make the mango orchard flourish again. Anton, on the other hand, has always taken the legend with a grain of salt. He would rather stay with his father in Manila and practise his career as a civil engineer than take on the reins at the hacienda. When Don Alejandro suffers a heart attack, Anton is forced to return to the Cordero hacienda. Anton's several years of absence is greatly marked by his apparent alienation to his roots. This is a stark contrast to the kind of passion for the land and its people that Marian, who is now Don Alejandro's administrative assistant, shows. Anton believes that he is more of an engineer than an haciendero. His brief stay though proves otherwise. As he is challenged to take on the leadership at the hacienda, the love for the land and its people grows on him. More so, that he discovers the kind of woman that Marian really is and finds himself falling in love with her. In Marian's heart, the legend fulfilled. Until, Trisha (Michelle Bayle), Anton's girlfriend in Manila, arrived in the hacienda and proclaims the approval of Anton's 250 million-peso project proposal. Anton is torn between a dream and a legend. Just when he chooses his love for Marian over the success as an engineer, Marian unselfishly lets him go to pursue his ambition. Legend or no legend, true love finds a way to fulfill its own course...

Caridad Sanchez
Dominic Ochoa
Farrah Florer
Jericho Rosales
John Lloyd Cruz
Kristine Hermosa
Luz Valdez
Michelle Bayle
Nestor De Villa

John D. Lazatin


Star Cinema

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